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Sunday, November 7, 2010

State Senate Leadership Still in Doubt, And So is Diaz

Politicians around the state are holding their collective breath as they anxiously await the news about whether Democrats or Republicans will control the State Senate. As reported in the NY Times, there could be a 31-31 tie, but there are still 3 seats too close to call (it appears that 2 of those are leaning Republican). One fascinating wrinkle involves our very own State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. As you may recall, he joined with Pedro Espada and Hiram Mosserate in the past to cross party lines and shut down state government last year. Even though he lost his two amigos, he is still hinting that he might cross party lines and join the Republicans if he does not get his way -- and in a closely deadlocked Senate that could make all the difference. Capitol Confidential is reporting that Diaz is already threatening he may jump ship if he does not get his way on certain issues. I wonder why there isn't a similar movement to remove the Senator from the Democratic party that we saw with Espada? Sounds like a job for our crack team at Bronx County!


  1. What would be "his way" exactly? Can someone explain that to me?

    With all this party jumping and nonsense going on in Albany, it appears that our elected officials have forgotten they are being paid to serve the people of the Bronx. All people of the Bronx. Do these tax payer funded officials realize there are people in the Bronx who are struggling to make ends meet; people living in dilapidated housing who are suffering health problems because of the uninhabitable conditions of their apartments; children who are attending Bronx schools that aren't meeting basic academic standards; inevitable tuition hikes at once free CUNY schools; the escalation of heroin sales in once safe neighborhoods; abandoned and unsafe construction projects throughout the borough; transit hikes, etc, etc, etc?

    Yet, the same politicians want their way? Where is the concern for the people?

    The longer citizens sit in silence and do nothing about public officials who are not the least bit concerned about the greater good, the deeper our society will sink into corruption. The line between right and wrong - once clearly defined - seems to have been hidden by a big politicized game of three card monty.

  2. Look at RKA. The wealthy Riverdalians put their kids in Feildston, Riverdale Country, and Horace Mann. RKA is everyone from "down the hill". All the elected officials in NW bronx send their kids to private school. The RKA numbers are down and the Riverdalians want it that way as an excuse to get rid of everyone "down the hill". Freddy Ferrer is no different. They will do what they have been assigned to do. To keep the wealthy that way and to keep the middle and working class dumbed down so they can't compete with their children for jobs. Sure they throw a few scholarships out there to keep the masses hopeful, just like a lottery. The few slots are competed for and teach the middle class kids cutthroat philosophy and the ones that get the scholarships are polarized by the wealthly kids as "entitled" and the local kids back home polarized them for being "stuck up".

    That is politics as usual. Diaz and everyone else stand by and let things alone, thereby resulting in passive endorsement.

    It is happening all across america. Eminem's movie 8 mile is an excellent example of what happens over generations. It's not about him or his music, but economics and greed.