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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

State Senator Provides Some Hope

In the aftermath of the conviction of Pedro Espada and another episode of disappointment for Bronxities comes a great story about State Senator Gustavo Rivera, who defeated Espada.  The New York Times has a great profile of Rivera, who is regarded by many as a breath of fresh air in a cesspool state legislature.  If even half of the story is true, it puts Rivera head and shoulders above most of his colleagues. Let's hope he maintains his integrity and does not let this system corrupt him. People in that Senate district in particular deserve it. 

Justice Finally Catches Up With Espada

Pedro Espada (left) and his son
Former Senator Pedro Espada, a poster child for political corruption for years, has finally been brought to justice.  He was found guilty of four counts of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the healthcare center he founded in the Bronx.  The New York Post reports that the government will move forward with retrying him on additional charges. The jury deadlocked on those charges, so this saga will continue for Espada and his son. This is another sad story of betrayal and greed, but most Bronxities saw this one coming for years.