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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Bronx Primaries on Tap Involving "Riveras"

Looks like there may actually be at least three primaries in the Bronx in the coming months -- and they all involve a person with the last name Rivera, although none are related. In addition to the primary of Naomi Rivera mentioned on this blog earlier, Gustavo Rivera also has a challenger. The Norwood News reports that Manny Tavarez will be running against Rivera. Tavarez worked on the campaign of Hector Ramirez who tried to unseat Assemblyman Nelson Castro. In addition to that race, there will be a hot contest to replace outgoing Assemblyman Peter Rivera, who is leaving the Assembly after two decades to head up the State Labor Dept. under Gov. Cuomo.  The Norwood News says that Danny Figueroa, Rivera's longtime Chief of Staff is looking to take the seat. Another contender could be Luis Sepulveda, who challenged Riveral in 2010.  Getting hard to keep all these Rivera's straight. Let's hope that Joel Rivera does not get a challenge next! 

Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera to Get a Primary

It appears that State Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, daughter of former Bronx Boss Jose Rivera, will have to work over the summer now that a newcomer has decided to challenge her in a primary. The Daily News reported that real estate broker Mark Gjonaj will challenge Rivera in the primary this September.  Mr. Gjonaj grew up on Arthur Avenue and is a Commissioner on the Taxi and Limousine Commission. Stay tuned for this one.

Espada Probably Won't Testify

The NY Post reports that Pedro Espada, former State Senate Majority Leader, will not testify at his own trial for embezzlement. He is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a health-care charity he controlled.  When asked Espada said, My side has been provided adequately and completely by my attorney."