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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primary Day -- but where are all the voters?

Primary day is finally here but no one seems to care. I voted this morning at about 7am and was number 4 to vote in my election district (by the way, new machines were a piece of cake). Then went out campaigning in Riverdale and there were more people handing out palm cards than actual voters. My prediction is that the turnout will be lower than '09, and that was a record low at 11 percent. Here is a great article by Clyde Haberman of the NY Times discussing why people seem to be too fed up to vote. Regardless of the turnout, we will have winners and losers tonight in the AG race, and key Senate races in the Bronx involving Espada, Diaz, the Senate seat formerly held by Schneiderman and some Assembly races so stay tuned for the wrapup.

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  1. Turnout not much better here in Wash Heights. We all know low turnout favors incumbents, so we'll have to see what happens.