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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gerson Borrero Slams Diaz, Jr. on Endorsement

Former Editor and now writer for El Diario, Gerson Borrero, takes great exception to the endorsement made by Bronx BP Ruben Diaz, Jr. of Gustavo Rivera. Not that he supports Pedro Espada, but in his blog called The Borrero Report, he points out that Diaz, Jr. is being a hypocrite when he criticizes Pedro Espada for many of the same deficiencies found in his own father, State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. Diaz, Jr. calls Mr. Rivera "a true Democrat who -- unlike the unfortunate incumbent Pedro Espada -- will not abandon the shared principles of both his party and the voters who sent him to Albany." It is interesting to note that Diaz Senior has endorsed Espada and was a key leader with Espada of the Gang of Four that threw Albany into chaos by threatening to side with the Republicans. Borrero states "it would be irresponsible for us to let Rubencito continue with this hypocrisy and dishonesty." He suggests that to if he judged his own father by the same standard as Espada he should endorse his father's opponent. Only in the Bronx my friends.


  1. Hypocrite is right.

  2. It is my most sincere wish that if Gustavo Rivera is elected, he will distance himself from the likes of the Diaz's, the Dinowitz, the Engel and everyone else who has proven they are lying sacks of donkey dung.

  3. Borrero makes a very good point.

    And now I will make mine:
    Suppose Diaz Sr. raped a boy - similar to the way predatory priests were able to get away with child rape for decades, heck, centuries - would Diaz Jr. not speak out against rapists and pedophiles...because his Papa was a boy raping pedophile...a long time a land far far away?

    People automatically ASSume that if folks refuse to vote, they are irresponsible. I beg to differ. Most people do not vote because they do not want to be held responsible for placing easily corruptible liars into office. They do not want the proverbial blood on their hands.

    Dinowitz would like to be Borough President. This is why he appears behind, beside, in front of, or in the vicinity of Diaz Jr. all of the time. Anytime there is a press event, and Diaz Jr. is speaking, Dinowitz is within range of the cameras He wants the sheep to know HE put Diaz Jr. where he was and now the masses must HONOR him by doing the same.

    I'm sure you noticed this Tony; most normal moral people notice evil and corruption. Most moral people, who want to do right by all, speak out against corruption and evil.

    I hope you choose the path of the moral. Seems that lying, cheating and stealing are the norm for our politicians. Help bring an end to this way of life and restore our faith in humanity.

  4. So well said Cassandra: A lot of folks don't like for me to open my mouth cause I shout them out and I been a victim of their political abuse on the Soundview section of the Bronx, when Rubencito was our assembley on the 85th district in the Bronx, he right in public disrespected me cause I didnt' supported him to help his father run for office. And when I spoke about the evil that he and his father done. A lot of so called leader of the Bronx told me to shut up. So I say to all those who kiss butt to get money from them, or position. You all keep forgetting that what you do in your pass to others will hunt you! So tomorrow on that vigil prayer rally at the steps of the Bronx Boro President's office.. I am going to speak out against the corruptions and evil all these people play in the Bronx. Look what is happening to real people with real issues in their lives. Those that live in the Bronx all their lives, Isn't it ard that since the both Diaz's have taken office in the Bronx, there has been more Crime and killing than ever before? and did you know that the word on the streets is that our so called Boro President is a Latin King??? this is something that I am interested to find out if is true. There is a lot of saying of him and how a lot of people are keeping quiet about it. They are hurting the descent people of the Bronx.