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Monday, September 6, 2010

And Then There Were Two

The New York Times is reporting that Dan Padernacht has thrown in the towel on his race against Pedro Espada. Mr. Padernacht had seen most of the political and union support go to challenger Gustavo Rivera and he decided to join that chorus as well. But it is too late to remove his name from the ballot. Now with less than 9 days to go almost everyone is unified in the effort to oust Pedro Espada, but he is the wiliest of all politicians so it will take every effort to beat him.


  1. the song remains the same.

    and Dinowitz and Diaz Jr. were in on it. Don't be fooled.

    "2008: September -Richard Soto, The 3rd Candidate in The Pedro Espada Vs Efrain Gonzalez 33rd State Senatte Race backs out and because of the last minute cancellation, it is too late to take him off the ballot. Many politicos believed Richard was working for Espada at that time."

    Espada won that one too.

    Dinowitz is dealing with the majority who - despite their fraudulent posturing that they are for the little guy - want nothing more than to control the borough. Can't do that with food stamps, but you can control the kingdom through real estate deals. The trade off is this...Dinowitz does everything in his power to put as many latinos in office as possible (corrupt or upright/qualified or unqualified doesn't matter) and the latino machine will push Dnowitz into the BBP throne when Diaz Jr. makes his own move for the Senate.

    Maybe Diaz Jr. is disillusioned enough to think he can be President too? I know enough about his lying mouth to also know he would have a better chance at scoring a glass of ice water in hell before he made it to the HOR, let alone the White House.

    Indiana Jones would be REPULSED.

  2. "Oh, the humanity!"

  3. You are delusional if you think Dinowitz will ever be BBP. He supports the candidates that Diaz wants him to in order to secure his own position as local power broker. Dinowitz' only hope of moving beyond his assembly seat is to back a horse that might make city hall one day and carry him beyond his confimes. Doubt its Diaz but its the only horse for him to play.