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Monday, June 20, 2011

Dinowitz in Push to Kill Electoral College

Here is an article from New York Magazine about a push by some NY State lawmakers, including Bronx Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz, to kill the electoral college. For many people the Bush/Gore fiasco was their first realization of how under the current system more people can vote for one candidate but he or she can still lose because all of a state's electoral votes go to the candidate who wins that state. However under a new proposal, all of a state's electoral votes would go to a candidate who wins the popular vote -- thereby killing the electoral college without having to endure a Constitutional amendment. Thus far, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Washington, Vermont, and the District of Columbia, have pledged their 77 electoral votes to this new arrangement. New York is now considering doing the same. It has already passed the State Senate and now under a bill sponsored by Bronx Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz it may well pass the Assembly. However it appears that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver may not be too keen on it. The articles quotes Dinowitz as saying, "I really have trouble understanding why somebody would object to the first-place finisher actually winning an election," said Dinowitz, sounding sincerely bewildered."


  1. Nooooo!!! . . . Not my beloved Electoral College!

  2. Which one does not belong?

    (a) Henry Clay
    (b) Daniel Webster
    (c) James Madison
    (d) Jeff Dinowitz

  3. I'm gonna guess that Jeff Dinowitx does not belong. Let's face it, James Madison he ain’t!

  4. He looks like he suffers from chronic constipation.

    oh, wait. He is FULL of himself.

    Say, why do you think he is a big supporter of senior citizen "causes"...aside from the fact that they are the only folks who seem to vote in this borough because dinowitz provides free transportation.

    anyone see the movie "say anything"? briefly, an exceptional young lady lives with her Dad who runs a nursing home. he becomes quite ired with his daughters decision to become involved with Mr. Ordinary. after all, he worked very very hard to give her the best of everything. so hard, in fact that he robbed the elderly of their estates and such...hid his misdeeds by purchasing real estate under LLC's and buying inconspicuously expensive household items - like artwork and a jukebox and rugs and furnishings. anyho, he was eventually CAUGHT when the right person executed the right type of audit. very interesting.

    I am absolutely fascinated by all these non-profits that cater to the elderly in the Bronx. especially when the non-profits tend to prey on the life savings of the elderly...draining their accounts before forcing them into nursing homes.

    jeffrey, can you hear me?