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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tracking the Pork

Celeste Katz at the Daily News puts a spotlight on the great work being done by the Empire Center for New York Policy to inform the public about how our elected officials spend our money. If you go to Empire Center's site -- -- you can find details on how your state or city elected officials spent our tax dollars. You can also find out details about their payroll, expenditures and other financial information. All of the information found here and on other sites such as Councilpedia, have opened the doors to the kind of information that had been kept secret or hard to find for years. Now it's up to us to use it to evaluate whether our elected officials are doing a good job with our tax dollars.

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  1. Hey ... here's a Jeffrey Dinowitz story: According to the website Uncivil Servants, Assemblyman Dinowitz abuses his government parking permit. The site reports that Mr. Dinowitz illegally parked in front of his apartment building on a Sunday.