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Friday, February 11, 2011

Espada Still Running Clinic?

Pedro Espada may have been indicted for fraud and lost his seat in the State Senate, but it seems he is still in charge of the very health care center he is accused of looting. The New York Post reports that at a rally yesterday, Espada "boasted that government funds continue to pour into Soundview -- though he complained that a $3 million grant for a new building has been held up."..."Let me give you some breaking news. With all of the turmoil that has surrounded our institution . . . the fact is we have been approved in the last couple of weeks for $1.7 million in federal funds," he went on to say. Can you imagine, he is still in charge and this place is still getting funded? Wouldn't you think that part of getting any government funds that Espada would be required to resign given the indictment? Only in the Bronx.

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  1. the devil is busy Tony. really busy. look at the "Rev" Diaz looking at his homeboy. a man of God would never stand behind such filth.

    alas, with "leaders" like these buffoons it isn't hard to understand why THE Bronx is treated, and operated, like a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. Would you be surprised if Baby Doc stepped into the role of Bronx Borough President?

    I have lived here my entire life and watched the Borough go down the proverbial drain. has anyone approached the Marriot Corporation and asked if they would be interested in building a hotel in the Bronx. They were one of the first to step forward to offer transitional - and permanent - employment positions to welfare-to-work recipients If so, and the answer was NO, that has more to do with the fact that the pols who run this borough are - by and large - a bunch of lowlife scumbags.

    us and them. Tony, put all your might behind moving the people to a higher level of consciousness. There are folks out here ready willing and able to help you. Grassroots people who want nothing more than to oust the scum of the borough and restore justice for all.

    are you up to the challenge, or are you playing the game. in my heart I sincerely hope you are the type of man whose strategy is moved by the spirit and less by the material.

    show us what you got Tony. show and prove.