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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bronx Council Members Koppell and Palma Push Living Wage Bill

In the aftermath of the battle over the re-development of the Kingsbridge Armory, two Bronx Councilmembers, Anabel Palma and Oliver Koppell, introduced a bill that would require a living wage on all projects that get city subsidies. This in-depth piece by Neil deMause at City Limits details the battle lines. Not surpringly, it is backed by a large group of unions and liberal politicians and opposed by major business groups. It was this very issue that doomed the Kingsbridge Armory along with an investment of more than $300 million, so it makes sense to settle this issue for the future. As to the Armory, it still sits as an empty shell while a study is being conducted by a University group at the urging of the Bronx Borough President.

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  1. What about nonprofits who get foundation and perhaps some city money. Per Scholas is shutting down their computer production floor at 1575 Bronx River Ave., to shut down 12 living wage jobs. Per Scholas will lease the space to a so-called Chinese company that is said to pay under the table, with no social security deductions. Per Scholas will continue to have free computers to give away, but no living wage jobs. We need the Glass Steagall bill HR 1489 to end the speculators' bailout. More at