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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Paid After Betraying the Public Trust

In the wake of the death of former State Senator Guy Velella, here is a very good editorial by Clyde Haberman of the NY Times about scores of elected officials who have been convicted of a crime but are still receiving huge pensions -- some while sitting in a jail cell. Even worse, most of these former elected officials were convicted of crimes relating to their office. There are some efforts to now close that loophole, but any change would not impact those already receiving their pensions -- so Alan Hevesi will continue to get $105,000 a year while Joe Bruno pulls down $96,000. In this era of "government reform" lets see how far this potential bill gets in Albany.


  1. So did anyone give the new Gov/former DA/budget tightening Cuomo a call? If he wants to save NYS a lot of money he should cut off the State House's Jail House Pension Plan!........... Then he should call Mayor Mike and see if NYC as the same program for city elected officials!........ you know, what's good for the goose, is good for the gander!

  2. Someone left an interesting comment on the Boogie Downer blog way back in September in regards to former Senator Pedro Espada...

    "Pedro Espada and his boy had some fake janitorial training program scheme going and they were paying poor "trainees" $1.77 per hour...this scheme is being investigated by the FEDS now.

    The things the local Non-Profits get away with in this borough are EGREGIOUS.

    Espada has close ties to Don Bluestone of the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center who also pays slave wages to at-risk Bronx Youth...$1.78 per hour for camp jobs. Wonder how much Bluestone makes at his nifty non-profit...wonder if it hovers around the same as Espada at the Soundview Health Clinic he is running into the ground.

    Wolves in sheeps clothing are running amuck in the Bronx. Once we get rid of the corrupt politicians and their non-profit scamming friends I believe we might see an improvement.

    Minimum wage paying jobs are good for high school and college students...I can understand why adults with families would gag...but you've got to start somewhere once you have hit rock bottom."

    Don Bluestone of the MMCC was a big supporter of Pedro Espada and went on record to defend and praise Espada in the Riverdale Press prior to Espada's indictment. That article has since been removed from the Riverdale Press website.

    Bluestone and the MMCC are now begging for money due to a $1,000,000 deficit in their budget. The UJA used to allow the MMCC to use the Kaufman Campgrounds for a pittance in the, the UJA has raised the usage fees by 87%. I guess when you lay down with dogs you get fleas AND empty pockets.