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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dinowitz Takes Over Delegation and Takes Courthouse Patronage

This past week the Riverdale Press reported on interesting two items involving Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz. First, Adam Wisnieski of the Press reported that Dinowitz has taken over as the head of the Assembly Delegation for the Bronx.  I guess he can now boss around the other 11 Bronx Assemblymembers -- wonder whether Jose Rivera will pay any attention to him?  Second, it seems that Dinowitz has been making himself a pig at the trough over at our court system, where the Riverdale Press reports that he is raking in tens of thousands of dollars through appointments from judges on matters. For example, one judge that Dinowitz recently helped to get elected has appointed him to more matters than anyone else. Dinowitz will say he was the most qualified and politics had nothing to do with all those appointments (btw, Oliver Koppell's wife Lorraine is also a top beneficiary from judges).  It's good to see that clubhouse politics and good old fashion patronage is alive and well -- even with our "reform" politicians.      


  1. After a three month absence it's go to see that you are alive and kicking Tony. I would suggest that neat year you put up or shut up and run for the 81st A.D. seat against Jeffrey Dinowitz. Don't let it be said that Community Board 8 member Robert Press ran against Dinowitz, but you were afraid of doing it.
    And yes Mr. Press ran for office before he was appointed to the community board.

    1. Remember this letter to the editor!!


      By Anthony Rivieccio

      Posted 2/1/12, The Riverdale Press

      To the editor:

      Oh my lord! I never thought we would have to do this but Northwest Bronx Democrats wants to apologize to the residents of Riverdale for the announcement by Robert Press of his possible City Council candidacy.

      Firstly, as some might know and as indicated in your story, yes Mr. Press ran for the Assembly nearly 20 years ago against Mr. Dinowitz and got 2 percent.

      Since then, he has tried for 17 years to get on Community Board 8 and has been rejected by the Riverdale establishment. Hence in 2009, our organization and The Committee of 100 Democrats made a concerted effort to ask, “the powers at be” to put Mr. Press on the Board. Mr. Koppell, very reluctant at first, finally agreed when he needed a second, last minute replacement.

      What a mistake!

      Since then he has fought on the Board with many long-standing members, including the last two chairmen, Anthony Cassino and Damian McShane.

      Secondly, through his erratic behavior, he has stopped progress on the quality of life that the Board has been trying to upkeep.

      But maybe the most dangerous thing is that he continues to discuss neighborhood rights when he refuses, now as a Board member, to even make a call or write a letter or even discuss with his landlord, the fact that his landlord is in U.S. Court for alleged civil rights violations toward Puerto Ricans and blacks. When discussed at a recent Committee of 100 Democrats meeting, Mr. Press had “no comment” on his landlord situation.

      Thus not only do we apologize to Riverdale (Bedford Park and Norwood, too) we are now forwarding this letter to Mr. Koppell to request that he does not “renew” Mr. Press’ term. With CB 8 already not adequately representing other parts of CB 8, in fairness to the whole community, Mr. Koppell should replace Mr. Press immediately.
      And if he runs, after 20 years, let’s hope (it’s doubtful) that he can rise more than 2 percent.


    2. Everyone had a good laugh at the Riverdale Press who not only printed this e-mail blast by Mr. Rivieccio, but fixed it up to look like a letter to the editor. I have the original e-mail which was even sent to me if anyone wants to see it.

      Rivieccio had nothing to do with my getting on to Community Board 8, and I have a letter from Councilman Koppell that I showed to Richter at Big Bob's Storage on Long Island where the Riverdale Press is published.
      By the way I was Councilman Koppells representative to the Neighborhood Advisory Board before I was placed on the community board.

      I was never a member of the board when Tony Cassino was on the board, and the Riverdale Press ran a story on my landlord where Adam quotes me on the subject.

      Things must be tough when you have to try to use a phoney e-mail to smear me Mr. Anonymous whoever you are.

      By the way Rivieccio could not get himself elected as an alternate judicial delegate on the Mark Gjonaj slate last year. To whoever hires Rivieccio HA HA HA.

      Let's start using names on this blog or is it all phoney just like what I have just responded to.

    3. Sent From anthony rivieccio

      Just to correct the record!

      Firstly, welcome back blog!

      Second, wow mr A. That's an oldie-but goodie-letter to the editor lol

      Thirdly, as we can see stumbling bumbling robert press is once again, WRONG

      Mr Rivieccio, asked by Mr Ricky martinez ran in the 78th district with him (I live in the 80th). Yes we both lost-but shockingly, I got more votes than the candidate lol. Considering I do not "live" in the 78th, I take my 500 votes as an honor! Sadly, Mr Press, VC of 100 Democrats, in the 78th AD, decided not to help his Chair, expect for that bogus "last second" worthless endorsement

      And if anyone questions Mr Press move on CB8, after a 2 decade attempt-one only has to ask The Chairman himself, Mr Ricky Martinez

      Lastly, as Senior Consultant of the Mark Gjonaj team in 2012, the residents of norwood and bedford park consider this a total victory!

      As the "BP/norwood mark gjonaj" team gets ready for 2013, we have met with candidates Cohen & Stanton and expect to make a decision soon.

      And we still wish Mr press the best of luck with his 20 year career of trying to get more than 2% vote "in his district"

    4. As you read what Mr. Rivieccio wrote he did not try to correct what I wrote, because I was right. He only tried to deflect using the good name of Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, who endorsed Andrew Cohen for the 11th council district on Friday March 8th. By the way I write this on Thursday March 8th.

      Was it not someone else who put you up to running Mr. Rivieccio, and how was it that the rest of the slate was thrown off the ballot leaving only you and Mr. Martinez as candidates. After all Anthony you got most of the signatures as you claim.

  2. Replies
    1. It is not illegal to be a pig, it is just unseemly.

  3. The real topic is Clifford Stanton, and the question is why should anyone vote for him?

    For me, it's because Cliiford Stanton is the better choice for a more livable and sustainable council district and a more responsive council office.

    1. But Cliff Stanton is not a professional politician. At best, he is just a talented rookie.

    2. Well it's an open seat where the incumbent is term limited out. Since NONE of the candidates have ever held any elected legislative post, the next council member from the 11th district is sure to be a rookie (regardless of whether it's Stanton, Cohen, Keeling or even Hoffnung, who hasn't announced yet).

  4. The so-called reformers are now regulars!

  5. So being an assemblyman has been good for Dinowitz in a business sense?

    1. The question is this: To what extent, if any, has Jeff Dinowitz traded on his position and political ties to profit personally through the performance of legal services?

    2. It seems like all the lawyers in local politics are doing this, with their only justification being that they earned this filthy lucre (because they are just so good at what they do when they are moonlighting).

    3. J.R.Dobbs is BishopMarch 11, 2013 at 11:00 AM

      Controlling Surrogate Court Judges is good for Dinowitz in business. Assemblyman is just the pathway.

    4. follow the money

  6. What happen Tony?
    Were you afraid to put my comment up because I knew it the day before it happened, and I was right?
    It now seems to me that you won't put my comment of March 7th up.
    I bet I am correct on that one also.
    At least you got more votes than Mr. Stanton did, or shall we say Mr. Stanton will get.

    1. Enough with the crazy commments from these Press and Rivieccio characters!

    2. From my experience I would tend to agree

  7. When you think about it, what do politicos like Dinowitz stand for beyond self interest, patronage and the status quo? Nothing really.

    1. i hate doesnt fly with me

  8. J.R.Dobbs is BishopMarch 23, 2013 at 6:57 PM

    On the list of referees getting exorbitant fees from the Surrogate Court was an old Italian plumber that had one transaction that netted him $81,000. WTF!

  9. Please allow me to REPEAT VERBATIM the following observations about Bronx Borough President Ruben DIAZ, JR., NYC Council Member G. Oliver KOPPELL, NYS Assembly Member Jeffrey DINOWITZ and U.S. Represenative Eliot ENGEL that were written by Anonymous on Jan 29, 2012 @ 06:47 PM:

    "Here's the thing with Diaz Jr.:

    Koppell, Dinowitz and Engle all take turns putting their hands up Diaz Jr.'s ass to make him say what THEY want him to say and do what THEY want him to do. Explains why Diaz Jr. is always jumpy or bouncing around. He can feel their hands in everything he does. Does that make him a man or does that make him a fool?

    The bottom line is, Diaz Jr. is a ventriloquists dummy for the Riverdale Trifecta: A lying resident of Maryland who voted in favor of indefinite detention of those suspected of "terrorism"; a Queen who nearly was trampled and stomped at the Paradise on the Concourse (he put on quite a performance, clutching his pearls and what have he); and a Walking Corpse who has had one too many facelifts and far too many connections to developers and landlords.

    If Diaz Jr. used at least one of those electric sliding feet to take a stand against that stronghold the Riverdale Trifecta has on Bronx politics maybe we would be able to get more accomplished. Until then, he is just a shucker and jiver for the ventriloquists that use him. What a shame."