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Monday, March 14, 2011

Dodge City in the State Legislature

Here is a great in-depth piece by Tom Robbins in the New York Post about how our State Legislature continues to be a hotbed for corruption. He takes a close look at the history of Pedro Espada to show how the culture in Albany and focus on power causes everyone to overlook even the worst ethics violations. One report found that 14 state legislators have been indicted or convicted in the past ten years, but that was prior to last week's addition of two more -- Kruger (pictured far left) and Boyland. Here is a revealing quote from the article by former Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio, who pled guilty to bribery and died in prison, “What the f - - - does it mean that we’re elected officials?” he said. “It doesn’t mean s - - -.”


  1. J.R.Dobbs is BishopMarch 14, 2011 at 9:04 PM

    It is good to read Tom Robbins again but he missed an important point; Espada stood fearless because the Legislative Ethics Commission would have to find most of the Senate as guilty as he. Cuomo, as Attorney General has history of all the phony non-profits and their filings. He brings that right hand indictment fear to the governorship. Espada was self-serving enough to help the district with member item funding, savings bonds, and those staffers were busy doing constituents services. It hadn't been done for many years. I hope Espada writes that book. Tom should edit it........


    I strongly urge you to tell the 50th Precinct to work in earnest to remove a cancer that is plaguing the oldest coop in the nation.

  3. As an Amalgamated resident, I highly suggest the previous poster provide his/her name. They are making serious allegations against the workers at the Amalgamated, saying that they are selling drugs to residents. I myself have never seen this occur in the 6 years I've lived there, but having said that, I would not be surprised if I saw actual proof provided by someone who had the guts to provide their name and back up their allegations with proof.

  4. Are you the same conspiracy theorist "Manny G" who has repeatedly claimed on this blog that 9/11 was an inside job???

    Where are you getting YOUR information from "Manny G"??? Did you work for the United States government? Were you a member of a US military task force that issued an order to Islamic Terrorists to take down the World Trade Center and murder over 3000 human beings who were just sitting at their desks, doing their jobs and minding their own business? You have the audacity to question the anonymous commentator who, in all probability, KNOWS what he or she is talking about while you boast and brag about having information that would indict the US Government??? Are you sure you arent buying that wacky tabacky from select service workers "Manny G"? Are you sniffing a few lines of yayo while you sit there behind a computer waxing philisophical about the United States Government murdering over 3000 tapayers in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2011? Keep in mind, most of the drugs on the street nowadays are laced with heavy hallucinogens to keep people like you in a constant state of paranoia.

    Save the self righteous BS for someone who sympathizes with your outright LUNATIC comments, Manny Gee. I read that blog. The blogger doesnt say ALL of the service workers were pushing drugs, man. Stop victimizing the criminal few. It appears that select service workers are dealing drugs. Have you no idea whose job it is to find the "proof" you speak of?

    You've lived there for 6 years, huh? How little you know about your community! How unaware you are of what is going on around you! Perhaps if you weren't preoccupied with conspiracy theories you might be a bit more stable in your assessments of who has guts, who has facts and what is being done. With that being said, I suppose you are unaware that a former CHAIRMAN of the ALLOCATIONS COMMITTEE is the father of a woman who, with her husband, was caught dealing drugs when her apartment was raided during a buy and bust operation. Do you know anything about police work Manny? The proof is uncovered during buy and bust operations Manny Gee.

    Tell us, Manny Gee, were any of your possessions stolen during the crime spree that occurred in 2009 prior to the installation of surveillance cameras? You know, all of those robberies with NO SIGNS OF FORCED ENTRY?

    Enough people have witnessed drug transactions and other criminal activity in building 12 (heroin) building 7 (weed/cocaine); building 8 (weed, pills, cocaine) and building 9 (x, weed, stolen items) to know that a select few service workers are involved. Your defense of criminal activity is OUTRAGEOUS! Have you not even considered that the good service workers are being terrorized by the workers who do not know the difference between right and wrong? Are you in so much of a conspiracy theorist fog that you failed to read the report on the Coop written by former DHCR Rep Justine Alston-Payne?

    Clearly you are out of your gourd if you think an anonymous commentator would reveal their identity to a conspiracy-theorist- paranoid- nutjob-like-yourself who would rather protect the rights of criminals and insist that the United States Government was complicit in the murder of innocent civilians on the morning of September 11,2001. Wherever there are drugs, there are guns Manny Gee.

    Stick to your conspiracy theories. Allow your imagination to run completely wild. Board members and residents (including one resident who is a law enforcement officer) are aware of the problem and are working very hard do the right thing. Something you clearly know nothing about.

  5. @"Manny G"...make yourself comfortable. I, too, am a resident of the mold contaminated Amalgamated Housing Corporation.

    Once upon a time, I was involved in a "clean up" project adjacent to the stairs of Building 8. The project manager was the Education Director of the Coop. My children were involved in the project as well. It was May 2004. While our group was picking up various rubbish that was obviously dropped there by pedestrian slobs and thrown from the windows/terraces of Building 8 (ceiling fans, window fans, various kitchen utensils, etc) a young man sat on his bike nearby watching us. I'd seen the boy several times in the aread and both of my sons were friendly with him. As soon as the Education Director spotted the boy, she instructed us to dismantle a ramp the boy spent long hours building to practice his jumps. I refused to participate in the dismantling of the ramp. When I asked our Education Director WHY she wanted to take apart something that was erected on PARKS property, her response was that the boy was "mentally disturbed" and a "menace" to the Community. I had to laugh. He was all of twelve years of age. I left the clean up project with all three of my kids.

    Since he went to the same school as my sons, I invited him up for pizza on the last day of school the same year. He was a nice kid. A quiet and respectful kid. Bike riding was his life, he said.

    Years later, that same boy sat in my living room SOBBING. He told me his father was a drug addict and an alcoholic and his home life was, what I would describe as, dysfunctional. He was also a resident of the Amalgamated Housing Corporation. He also told me who sold drugs to his Dad. An Amalgamated Housing Service Department EMPLOYEE. The individual was/is a resident of Building 8. In addition, the individual is a relative of the service manager and has several relatives working on staff in the service department.

    I realized why the Education Director tried to label the boy as mentally ill. In the event he told me about his Dad's pusher, I wouldnt believe him. Nice try. I believed every word that boy told me.

    The funny thing is, I didnt need him to confirm that certain members of the Service Staff were thieves, liars and drug pushers/drug addicts.

  6. (continued)

    In October 2005 I transferred into my three bedroom aparment - after the Office of Legal Affairs of the DHCR compelled the Corporation to transfer me. I received a delivery of a brand new television and home theater system. My son arrived home early from school two weeks after the delivery. He heard the staircase next to my apartment door slam shut as he exited the elevator. He checked the staircase before he put the key in the door. There were four Amalgamated Service workers in the staircase with tools in their hands. When he acknowledged them, they refused to turn around. Our door was open, but he thought nothing of it because I work from home a few days a week.

    When I arrived home later that night, I put my key in the bottom lock of my apartment door. The cylinder fell to the ground. My son said the apartment door was open and he thought I was home, and then he told me service workers were in the staircase. I sent the lock to a friend of mine who works in law enforcement and I was told that someone used a bump key to break into my house. NO SIGNS OF FORCED ENTRY.

    Let's apply a logical equation to this, shall we:
    If lock is tampered with, and service staff were in the staircase next to my apartment door, who do YOU think tried to break into MY house and steal what I worked hard for? Hmmmm.
    My proof was a lock that was tampered with and four workers in the staircase ALL of which were wearing Amalgamated Housing Corporation Service Staff uniforms. What if my son had walked in on them while they were in the process of robbing my house. This was long before the Board of Directors installed surveilance cameras Manny.

    Often times, the Veil of Ignorance prevents us from seeing what is right in front of our faces. You would be amazed at what you discover when you stop living by conspiracy theories and start living with your eyes wide open, unobstructed by what you want to believe and more by what is quite vividly REAL.

    As a matter of fact, a retired law enforcement officer witnessed drug deals in Building 12 and knows that service staff at the Amalgamed were in prison because it was his job to watch them in said prison.

    I can't speak for the anonymous, but it is my job to protect those who wish to remain so.

    Lift the Veil Manny. Otherwise, you are permitting the people whose salaries you pay to commit atrocities against families who reside in your neighborhood.

    As for my family, I can tell you that if anyone attempts to tamper with my home or my family again, the last thing they'll have to worry about is the boys in blue.

    Have a nice day.