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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Councilman Koppell Worried that Bronxites Can't Spell

Bob Kappstatter over at the Daily News wrote the story below about the effort by Councilman Oliver Koppell to change the name of Kazimiroff Blvd. outside the Botanical Garden back to Southern Blvd. That change has got some locals livid over the feeling that the name of Dr. Theodore Kazimiroff will be lost to history. Koppell says the change is needed after 30 years because some people can't spell Kazimiroff into their GPS. Curiously, he wants to leave it for certain stretches of the road? Good to see the Council is spending it's time on these weighty issues during the worst economy in our history.

A street by any other name

Bronx Borough Historian Lloyd Ultan, usually the easiest going of men, is hoppin' mad over the City Council skedded vote today to turn Kazimiroff Blvd. outside the Botanical Garden and Fordham U. back to its original name of Southern Blvd.

It wasn't named for some obscure general from the Revolutionary War, but in 1981, a year after the death of Dr. Theodore Kazimiroff, a dentist who served as official Bronx historian and co-founded the Bronx County Historical Society.

"We don't want to destroy the good memory of Dr. Kazimiroff," said bill sponsor Councilman Ollie Koppell, explaining that emergency service and postal vehicles have trouble finding addresses there, as do GPS users who can't spell Kazimiroff.

Kazimiroff Blvd. WILL remain the secondary signage from Fordham Road to Allerton Ave.


  1. Oliver Koppell is the wrong person to talk about spelling!

    Back in Aug. 2009, it was none other than Oliver Koppell who botched HIS OWN NAME in a campaign mailing.

    In a four-page flyer sent out to constituents, Mr. Koppell left the last letter off of his name ... mistakenly spelling it as "Koppel."

  2. At least Dan Quayle could spell his own name. I wonder whether Oliver Koppell can spell potato?

  3. "We're going to have the best-educated American people in the world."
    - Dan Quayle, 9/21/88

  4. Koppell is despicable.He could have at least waited a few more years for Dr Kazimiroff's 95 year old widow to die before doing this.She still lives 1 block off of Kazimiroff Blvd on 201 st and walks there every day.

    How low can you go,Councilman ?