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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glenn Beck Calls Co-op City Part of Failed Socalist State in Bronx

For some reason Glenn Beck decided to single out Co-op City to criticize on his show and calls it part of a failed socialist experiment. At one point he says, "Do you want to live there? This is Co-Op City. Oh man! This is so beautiful," Beck said sarcastically. "That's the Great Society for you, and those are the lush [buildings]." Councilman James Vacca fires back at Beck. Must have been a slow week on Beck's show despite the State of the Union address.


  1. As much as I despise GLEN BECK...he is right. Co-op City is a den of destruction, racketeering, bribes and corruption - all cleverly disguised by a "socialist agenda". Wherever there is a socialist agenda in America you will most certainly find that the asshole standing behind the curtain driving the clique/operation/agenda is filling his pockets with ill gotten gains.


    Apparently, you don't know about what went down in Co-Op City...

    ...and thats ONLY what they had actual evidence of. Co-Op City is no different than any other THUG operation. We have plenty of those in the Bronx.

  2. @ Anonymous . . There is no way that it could have been said better. There is so much garbage over in co-op, I lived there so I know. I also know people who live there still. It is socialist at the highest level! People need to become aware that the community has under the guise of "safety" started gangstalking individuals. Following them, banging on peoples floors at all times of the night, using spy equipment to harass neighbors etc . . It's sad and people really need to be alerted about that. That's only the tip of the iceberg! Keep speaking out OZ ...