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Monday, January 17, 2011

Diaz Sr. Calls Cuomo Out on Gov't Shutdown

Here is a story by David Freedlander at Politicker NY about the threat by Governor Cuomo to shut down state government unless lawmakers agree to $10 billion in cuts. In response, Bx. State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. said, among other things, "it seems all too obvious to me that Governor Cuomo is blackmailing New York." This guy is good for a quote a day.


  1. I fell on the floor and laughed at the balls on this guy. He is the original shucker and jiver ex drug dealing man of his own god. Cuomo is right. Salaries of politicians should be withheld until they start doing their jobs and come up with solutions to the problems they had a hand in creating with their pork barrel pet projects and funneling of money to shady non-profits.

  2. While there would be nothing more I would love than a complete Government shutdown, the fact is "we the people" should be rioting in the streets over proposed Austerity measures.

    I find it unbelievable that Wall Street was bailed out to the tune of multiple trillions while the people of NY and the USA have to have our essential and non-essential services cut because of a few billion dollars in budget shortfalls, numbers which in comparison to the TRILLIONS given by Barky the Wall Street puppet to his masters seem positively miniscule.

    How bout a 1% Tobin tax or securities transfer tax on every transaction made on wall street, paid for by the seller. Not only would this curb excessive speculation, but it would conservatively add 5 trillion dollars to the US treasury, not to mention making Wall Street pay for the mess that they-and they alone-created.

    But of course that is too sensible a solution. Also, since all of our politicians are nothing more than stooges and puppets of their Wall Street masters this will never happen. Instead, "we the people." will have to deal with dirtier streets, moonscape like roads, increased crime and severely cut back services.

    The time has passed for people to stop worrying about infighting between two arms of the same broken system (Democrats and Repubbs). We need to abolish the illegal and privately controlled and owned "Federal" Reserve, restore sound money, abrogate NAFTA and GATT, impose a protective tariff, build nuclear power plants and bring back manufacturing to this country. The Federal Gov needs to assert its Contitutional right to be its own bank, and we need to either stop voting altogether, or vote for third parties that truly represent the peoples interest.

    Geez, we have the example of the Wall Street Puppet Barry Soetero, a nominal "Democrat" and now we have another "Democrat" Cuomo pushing for genocidal austerity measures.

    I have no illusions about the passivity of the American people as a whole, and realize that we will continue to bend over and take it. But we need to start to come to the conclusion that "Democrats" and "Republicans" are not fighting for you or me, and never will. They are both wholly owned subsidiaries of the banks and the cokehead crooks on Wall Street.

    Welcome to the third world!!! You should love it, after all, you all voted for it.

  3. Isn't this joker the father of that guy who screwed our borough on that armory project??

  4. Please, that Armory project, even if it had happened, would have meant absolutely nothing to the economic health of that area. All it was going to be was another mall, filled with stores whose corporate headquarters are not in the Bronx, and whose products were not made in the Bronx. I had to laugh about how people were clamoring for "jobs," when in reality all they were were menial, low paid retail jobs.

    Now if they had proposed a factory that produced a real exportable product that would be another story. But the extent of imagination these Wall Street puppets (i.e. Politicians) have is just another dead end retail center.

    Of course, I will totally agree with you he is a joker. All these guys are...Dinowitz, Engel, Koppell et al.

  5. Mr. Manny seems to be a wild, rambling conspiracy nut!

    Maybe Mr. Manny should get a job working for Andy Wolf at the Riverdale Review. But hurry. Once Wolf starts losing advertisers to the boycott of his nasty tabloid, there won't be anything left to pay the salaries to his tiny staff of so-called journalists.

  6. I've now read several rants from "Wacky MG" on this blog. Perhaps he's actually Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.? And what's his beef with Assemblyman Dinowitz and Councilman Koppell anyway? If Wacky MG doesn't like these long-serving elected leaders, he should run against them, but he wouldn't even even get ten votes. Also, isn't Wacky MG some kind of fringe 9/11 conspiracy advocate?

  7. I'm a conspiracy nut because I believe in accountable Constitutional government?

    And yes, I am a unapologetic 9/11 truther.

    I also, unlike you, have the courage to put my own name up here. In fact, you bringing that up means you probably have something to do with the Riverdale Review, since that is where I was branded a "conspiracy nut."

    And I agree that Lyndon Larouche is a lunatic, so no points scored for you there.

    Oh, and by the way, my articles in the Riverdale PRess about reducing Alternate Side of the Street parking were partly instrumental in having that obnoxious rule changed. So you are benefitting from the work of this "conspiracy nut."

    Now once you have put a name up there, please list line by line where I said anything untruthful or unrealistic in my above posts.

  8. So Wacky MG wants the truth about 9-11.

    Here's a simple version: A coordinated series of airline hijackings and suicide attacks committed by 19 members of the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda against targets in the U.S. caused extensive death and destruction and triggered an enormous U.S. effort to combat terrorism.

    And what does that have to do with Ruben Diaz, Sr.?

  9. Mr. Manny must think that 9/11 was planned by the US Government.

    Being a conspiracy nut, I'm sure he is also convinced that the following are true:

    (1) The late Diana, Princess of Wales was murdered by the British royal family.

    (2) The moon landings of the Apollo program were a giant hoax.

    (3) A UFO and alien bodies were recovered at Roswell.

  10. ASP reform in Riverdale was a gift to ACassino for his support of Bloomberg. You can't really think coverage in the Press influenced anyone?

    Seriously, you aren't really a Truther. That's sad. You should lay off the pipe and take a physics class so you'll understand how those buildings fell..

  11. Seeing as you guys, who are obviously from the Riverdale Review staff (or former staff) are so cowardly that you can't even put your names up, I will not respond to any of the ridiculous personal accusations made against me, except to say that it I'm at a loss to figure out what UFO's and Princess Diana have to do with anything. I've never even thought about those things ever in my life.

    However, I will say that if newspaper coverage was such a non issue as you say, tell me why your colleague Candice Giove personally told me that when I scooped you on the ASP issue, Andy Wolf sat the entire staff down and read them the riot act for not writing about the issue first? She told me this when her and I were covering Ari Hoffnung's trying to bring a ferry to Riverdale. I still have it that conversation documented in my notes from that time. I thought it was very funny.

    Cowardly personal attacks just make you look like fools. Put your names up so we can see who you are. If my hunch is correct, it will either be the racist buffoon Andy Wolf, or his former buttboy, the hideously unpleasant to look at (and interact with) John DeSio.

    Just to stay on topic though, while my posts don't have anything to do particularly with Ruben Diaz Sr, they are simply critiques of the hopelessly corrupt system that allows people like him (and pretty much every other Repub or Democrat) to become our "leaders."

    But of course, nuance, reading and fact checking was never a strong point of the current and former staff of the RR who are so obviously behind the baseless personal attacks above.

  12. How does a paranoid zany know so much about the "secrets" of 9-11?

    I wonder if he sometimes thinks he's being followed by black helicopters.

  13. As I recall it, and as the following newspaper article indicates, the local community board voted unanimously to reduce alternate-side parking. They did so only after a long study, public hearings and a report by a special committee that was headed by Community Board 8 Chairman Anthony P. Cassino.

    Here's the article:

    Daily News, Tuesday, April 8th, 2008


    By Dorian Block

    Several Northwest Bronx neighborhoods could soon see their alternate-side parking days cut in half.
    Community Board 8 in Riverdale recently voted unanimously to reduce four-day-a-week alternate-side parking to two days in four of its neighborhoods.
    The board is using the community's consistently high street cleanliness ratings as a reason.
    It is calling for reassignment of mechanical street-sweepers to more trafficked areas in the community, thereby reducing the inconvenience for local drivers.
    The board, which sent the approved proposal to the city, is now working out kinks with the Sanitation Department and awaiting the city's approval.
    A similar proposal was passed in Brooklyn. A community board in Park Slope now has reduced alternate-side parking, but it took the neighborhood 17 years of research and planning to see it to fruition.
    Board 8 Chairman Anthony Cassino says the process should go much faster in Riverdale.
    "They (Park Slope) paved the way, and I'm much more hopeful this is going to happen sooner rather than later," Cassino said. "I don't think this is going to be a multiyear thing."
    Board members held site visitations, public hearings and meetings with public officials leading up to their vote. There has been almost no opposition to the plan.
    They called alternate-side parking "a grim ritual" in their proposal.
    "It is so ingrained in the psyche of New Yorkers that it has been used as a premise for countless TV shows and comedy routines," they wrote.
    "Reducing the number of days motorists must move their cars presents a unique opportunity to improve the quality of life of local residents. It could reduce stress, save on fuel costs and the environment."


  14. Conspiracy theories are the ultimate refuge of the powerless.

  15. Hey Manny ... Do you relly think that there is so much of a difference between the reporting in the Riverdale Review and The Riverdale Press?

  16. UFOs!! Paranormal activity!! It's time to stop watching The X-Files !!

    By the way, does that guy belive in GREMLINS!!

  17. He says that he’s a 9-11 "thruther" ... Now I know he’s definitely paranoid and kooky!!!