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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Politician's Non-Profit in Corruption Probe:UPDATE

The Bronx News Network reports that yet another non-profit pet of an elected official -- this time Assemblyman Peter Rivera -- is involved in a corruption probe. David Griffiths, the Executive Director of Neighborhood Enhancement for Training Services, Inc., is being charged with "making false statements in connection with a grand jury proceeding, obstructing justice, and mail fraud in connection with an application to obtain a state grant." The story also reports that the nonprofit "received almost all of its income from an unnamed "certain member of the Assembly" between 2003 and 2007." Of course, that Assemblyman is Peter Rivera. Haven't we seen this many times before? Ironically, this earlier posting talks about Peter Rivera's service on the Governor's transition team and the possibility that he may be joining the administration. UPDATE: Here is another story on this unfolding scandal from the Village Voice entitled Bronx Corruption Bust: Assemblyman Peter Rivera Ally Charged. And a recent story from the New York Post entitled Rivera's Pork Store.


  1. When are people going to realize that its the false Left/Right paradigm that is truly the problem. As long as unthinking fools keep on voting for "Democrats" and "Republicans" nothing is ever going to change.

    6 months before the Wall Street puppet Barry Soetero was selected for President, I had written a letter to the Riverdale Press which was called "Obama is fooling the public." In it, I clearly laid out in explicit detail how Obama was nothing more than a Wall Street puppet who was brought in to once again fool people into thinking "Change" was coming, when in reality he was/is nothing but a warmonger and austerity ghoul. Of course no one listened. I had likened the "Democrats" who were sitting there tearing up at his telepromter speeches that they were in fact suffering from "battered wife syndrome."

    Well, 2 years later Obama has ramped up the endless wars, shoveled trillions to his masters on Wall Street, signed many freedom killing executive orders. Just as I said he would.

    Now the same sort of phenomenon has happened with Republicans. The fools who voted for the Wall Street led and co-opted "Tea Party" are thinking that their guys are going to restore freedom. Well, we already see that the Repubs have no intention of restoring constitutional freedoms to America. How can they? They, like their Democratic collaberators are nothing more than an arm of Wall Street parasites.

    Cuomo is going to be a disaster, with his austerity measures coming down the pike. So why should it surprise anyone that another Democrat is caught up in an ethics probe.

    People, time has really run out. Either stop voting alltogether, or vote for a constitutionally correct candidates in the amount of third parties there are out there.

  2. So should we add Peter Rivera’s name to the rogues’ gallery of corrupt politicians?

    POP QUIZ: How many of the following elected officials around here have been CONVICTED, or INDICTED, or INVESTIGATED over corruption or cronyism involving non-profit organizations?

    Pedro Espada Jr
    Pedro G. Espada
    Efrain Gonzalez Jr.
    Miguel Martinez
    Hiram Monserrate
    Ruben Diaz Sr
    Ruben Diaz Jr
    Adriano Espaillat
    Peter Rivera

  3. Anonymous @2:33 You missed the other Rivera family.