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Monday, August 16, 2010

Even with Low Poll Numbers Espada May Win

Elizabeth Benjamin of The Daily News reports that although Espada has low poll numbers he still may win. The theory is that as long as it is not a head to head contest with one other candidate he may pull it out. At this point his two opponents are Gustavo Rivera and Dan Padernacht. Rivera has received the lion's share of endorsements, but the poll shows that virtually no one knows him in the district. What is really scary is that the poll shows that 78 percent of dems in his district know Espada's name--higher than Andrew Cuomo. Thankfully, 47 percent say they want him kicked out! This is the most watched race in New York state this year. Much of the effort and support to oust Espada has come from outside the Bronx. So I ask the same question again, where are our Bronx "political leaders"?


  1. This is the results of the Bronx Democratic leadership!
    The fact that there is no......LEADERSHIP!!!

  2. "Where are our Bronx "political leaders"?

    They're too busy being "civilized" and "principled". LOL.

    Dinowitz wants the democratic process to "work"? If Petey the Sword gets it in for one more term, I believe it would be safe to say that our "political leaders" are all crooked and useless.

  3. To bad there was not a third candidate in the Koppell-Casino race. Then Casino would have come in third.

  4. true that Cassino would have been third. Its why we need term limits, its so difficult to unseat an incumbent, even one as toothless and incompetent as Oliver Koppell.

  5. Maybe Cassino would have come in first if Koppell and Hoffnung had split the Jewish vote.

  6. Right behind Espada is Don Bluestone of the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center (at least it LOOKS like him).

    Don is a big fan of thieving ass Petey the Sword. Peep Don's homage and ass kissing celebration of the vanities:,34671

    Were Petey an urban Robin Hood of sorts - robbing from the rich to give to the poor - I might have a little respect for him. Unfortunately, Petey is robbing from the poor to give to his greedy ass sushi glomming clan up in Mamaroneck.

    Apparently, Don Bluestone's MMCC was one of the many Community based organizations that received free Yankee tickets for underprivileged folks from the The New Yankee Stadium. I was told his son sells those tickets on stub hub and pockets the money. If he doesn't find a buyer, his son gives them away. Considering the price and location of some of those seats, I would imagine Baby Bluestone is getting a pretty penny for those seats on stub hub.

    Don't take my word for it though. If you know anyone connected to that charity based organization or the Yankees management team , it would be easy to track the tickets and see if they were sold on stub hub.

    Dinowitz has a satellite office at the MMCC...surely he has shared a cup of Bustelo with Espada on more than one occasion to discuss earmarks and the many benefits of being a tax-payer funded rep. Don't be fooled by what you see, Espada has the loyalty of Dinowitz and Koppell, even if that loyalty was earned by the threat of releasing some pretty damning information on all of the local elected officials.

    Espada didn't get as far as he did by playing nice. And a large number of these "community based" organizations are run by folks who only deal in six figure salaries with lots of fringe benefits.

    Be an activist Tony:Follow the money and the perks...