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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bronx Board of Elections Looking to Boot Assemblyman Off Ballot

You just can't beat the Bronx for political theater and intrigue. Celeste Katz of the Daily Politics Blog posted a story by Bob Kappstatter (covers Bx. politics for Daily News) that says the Bronx Democratic Party is behind the city Board of Elections attempt to invalidate State Assemblyman Nelson Castro's party registration on a residency issue. Castro's opponent is district leader Hector Ramirez, who is backed by County. Of course, it should be noted that the new Executive Director for the Board of Elections is George Gonzalez, who was put there by Carl Heastie, the Bronx County Boss. I think I need to take a shower.


  1. By all means you should Mr. Cassino. This is nothing but a sour grapes blog. Castro had court papers returned and said "addressee unknown" return to sender. Simple investigation. Mail should not be returned to sender for a State Legilsator if he lives at that so called address. Its okay i hope the grapes are extra sour

  2. Oh,sorry I guess Bob Kappsatter and the Daily News are all sour grapes as well.

  3. What has three members and didn't get Mark Levine a single signature?

  4. they're all dirty, even mr. "your sour grapes mr. cassino".
    diaz jr.
    too many to name...exploiting the poor for personal gain, never for change, always the same...
    mark my words on this very day
    the bells are ringing and people are waking and juices are flowing and brains are working and its only a matter of time before the majority oust these con artists from their perches and DEMAND reparations for all of the damage they have caused...the revolution may or may not be televised - it all depends upon what channel you are tuned into.