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Monday, July 18, 2011

City Attempts to Investigate Illegal Apt. at Engel Building

Congressman Eliot Engel is answering questions about a building he owns in the Bronx that might contain an illegal apartment. The problem is that the City has been denied access to the building six times since 2009 to inspect the claims. Engel owns a portion of the building with a realty company in the Bronx.


  1. So Engel is the landlord of an illegal conversion . . . or should I say the ABSENTEE landlord of an illegal conversion? . . . Since the illegal apartment Engel owns is in the Bronx but his "primary residence" is in Potomac. Maryland!


    1 - Owed up to $50,000 on his Visa card at the end of 2010 ( Source: New York Post, June 19, 2011)

    2 - Improperly claimed tax break for primary residence in Maryland (Source: New York Times, March 14, 2009)

    3 - Partner in owning ilegal apartment in the Bronx, where he repeatedly ignored city efforts to comply with the law (Source: Daily News, July 17, 2011)

  3. We soooo need term limits for members of congress.

  4. What does Mr. Engel have to say about the illegal hacking of mobile communications by Rupert Murdoch's shuttered tabloid The News of the World?

  5. Eliot Engel (an embarassing "nebbish" of a congressman) has a pattern of sloppy "mistakes" that always happen to have been for his financial benefit.

    Look at this example involving a tax credit that Rep. Engel had taken for his primary residence in the State of Maryland, way outside his New York district:

    NY Daily News
    March 13, 2009


    BY Michael McAuliff

    It looks like Charlie Rangel isn't the only New York Congressman with an interesting tax situation on one of his homes.

    Maryland officials are revoking a tax exemption that Bronx Rep. Eliot Engel has been taking for years that's available only to people who list their homes in the state as their primary residence, saving himself about $7,000, [according to the AP]( ).

    Engel usually describes himself as a lifelong resident of the Bronx, but like most other members of Congress, maintains a home in the D.C.-area. In his case, the $1 million house is in a high-end part of Potomac.

    Officials yanked Engel's tax breaks once before, but he appealed, and got them back. Engel insists he's just trying to play by the rules.

    "I have always abided by whatever determination the Montgomery County Assessment Office makes," he said. "My house is currently classified as 'non-owner occupied.' I have never asked for any special privileges for being a Congressman."


  6. Could it be that the congressman's 20-year "friendship” with Albanian-American businessman Harry Bajraktari (his partner on this illegal-apartment deal) has something to do with the fact that Engel gets huge campaign contributions from Bajraktari and associates ($72,200 since 2005!) while Engel ends up championing Albania’s interests in Congress?

    ... Inquiring minds want to know!

  7. Congressman Engel’s answer to the Daily News is so squirmy and a weaselly. I guess that's what happens when you corner a hypocrite.

  8. And of course he doesn't list this asset for two years. While drawing a profit on an illegal apartment. While living in another state.

  9. I don't see how Eliot Engel's secret and improper activities and maneuvering serve the public interest of his constituents in New York’s 17th Congressional District [Bronx, Rockland & Westchester]!!!

  10. All three Riverdale politicians should be investigated by the feds.

    1) Engel is a documented LIAR (see above)
    2) Koppel/Coyle and their shady real estate deals;Koppel calling CB8 members to influence their votes with the threat of removal from the CB if they do not vote according to his will
    3) Dinowitz cramming his family members into state supervised housing (mother, brother, sister and son) without the inconvenience of waiting lists or proper NYSHCR procedures that would ensure the proper registration of apartments to said family members

    "Our" politicians stink.

  11. If Representative Engel doesn't understand that this and the residency thing are wrong then he is truly clueless.

  12. sheer incompetence