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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Assemblyman Peter Rivera Fires Staffer Over Press Conference: UPDATE

Here is an article from Capitol Confidential about Assemblyman Peter Rivera firing longtime aide Guillermo Martinez hours after he put on a press conference dubbed “Latino Agenda: Recommendations to Governor Elect Andrew Cuomo & and Lt. Governor-Elect Robert Duffy. The article recounts, "The press release that was issued at the conference included what could be described as a series of demands tucked into the recommendations. It is imperative to have Hispanics named to agencies as Commissioners, Deputy Executive Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Counsels, Government affairs liaisons and department heads,” reads one of the suggested initiatives." Just thought you might find this interesting. UPDATE: here is an interview with Peter Rivera with Liz Benjamin.

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  1. Tony -
    I left a comment regarding this agenda under an article that referred to Espaillat's defense of Rangel. Strangely, you did not publish that comment. I basically said that Diaz Jr. is an active part of this agenda and this is why he works with Dinowitz...Dinowitz supports Diaz Jr.'s picks for Assembly, public office etc.

    While this would be an otherwise honorable cause, the individuals being selected for seats in public office are as corrupt and ignorant as the rest of them.